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Pig Roast - Fundraiser Event

Please join Canton Mayor, William J. Healy II at his 4th annual Pig Roast fundraiser.

When: Thursday, July 11, 2013 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Canton VFW Post 3747, 1935 Avalon Ave. NE, Canton, Ohio 44705

Suggested Contributions:
Event Sponsor - $1,000
Pig Sponsor - $750
Refreshment Sponsor - $500
Salad Sponsor- $250

Guests - $25 per person

Please make (non-corporate) checks out to: Team Healy Committee, 501 52nd Street NW, Canton, Ohio 44709  -  Tom Ascani, Chairman

For more information or to make reservations, please contact Mary at 330-497-8307 or by email at:

To make Contribution on line, click on the "Contribute" tab on the upper right hand of this page, or click on this link: and follow the instructions.

Mayor Healy Gets Results

A lot of candidates TALK about moving Canton forward . . . Mayor Healy DELIVERS.

Since his first day in office after voters elected him in 2007, our Democratic Mayor, William Healy, has been providing Canton residents with LEADERSHIP THAT WORKS.

While there is no question that these are extremely tough times – not just in Canton, but throughout our state and nation – Mayor Healy and his administration have been overcoming challenges with innovative solutions to MOVE CANTON FORWARD.

The following are several examples of how Mayor Healy has delivered RESULTS for Canton in the past three years:

Creating & Retaining Jobs for Canton
Mayor Healy knows how critical good-paying jobs are to our community.  That’s why his administration has worked with over 400 companies to help create new jobs in Canton and to keep the jobs we already have right here.  The Healy administration has secured over $100 million in state and federal funds for incentives and programs to grow employment.  Mayor Healy’s proactive and dedicated focus on jobs for Canton is now starting to pay off.  Although there is still much work to be done, the unemployment rate in Canton is down over 40% in the past 18 months from our recession high of 14.9% in January 2010.  As of December 2012, Canton's unemployment rate is down by 50%.

Making Canton Safer
Mayor Healy’s administration and the Canton Police Department are making our community a safer and better place to live and work.  Crime in Canton has been reduced by over 30% - the lowest rate in over a decade!  Mayor Healy credits a “Zero-Tolerance” crime policy, "Intelligence led Policing", and other new approaches and programs, including the anti-gang Community Initiative to Reduce Violence, placement of cameras in high-crime areas and a citizen outreach and alert system that uses cable TV, emails, texting and Twitter.

Improving Educational Opportunities
Mayor Healy knows how crucial educational opportunities are to a thriving community.  That’s why the Mayor worked with area universities to create the Mayor’s Scholarship Program, which offers college scholarships to Canton students.  According to The Repository, Mayor Healy “is leading a smart effort to connect young people in Canton to a more promising future.”

Fighting for Our Local Workers
Mayor Healy has been fighting for local workers by supporting Project Labor Agreements that give preference to local companies bidding on city projects and encouraging any contractor to use our local workers.  He has also fought alongside his friends in organized labor against Senate Bill 5, the Governor's and State Legislature's assault on collective bargaining. 

Responsible Oversight of Tax Dollars
Despite the national recession that Canton and the rest of the nation have had to endure, Mayor Healy has managed the budget efficiently, reducing the size of city government and living within the city’s means.  The Mayor has saved tax dollars through reductions in staff, furloughs, employee attrition and a $1.75 million reduction in overtime costs.  His administration has also secured over $21.5 million in federal and state grants for city construction projects.  And despite a decline in revenue, Mayor Healy has made it a priority to address the needs of our city without layoffs or raising taxes.

Protecting Canton’s Senior Citizens
Mayor Healy has been working hard to meet the needs of Canton’s senior community.  The Mayor’s strong, proven record of serving Canton’s seniors includes a food voucher program for low income seniors and support of a senior tax credit to provide tax relief to eligible seniors.  Mayor Healy has also introduced a prescription drug card that will help lower the cost of prescriptions for every Canton Citizen who is uninsured or under insured.  As our former state representative, Mayor Healy also co-sponsored Homestead Exemption legislation which reduced property taxes for every senior homeowner by an average of $400.

Revitalizing Canton Neighborhoods
Mayor Healy knows that vibrant, safe neighborhoods are the backbone of any healthy community.  That’s why the Healy administration has worked so hard to strengthen our neighborhoods.  Mayor Healy tripled the amount of money the city gives to neighborhood associations each year and has secured funding to tear down a record number of unsafe structures in our community, nearly 1,000 in just over five years. Mayor Healy is committed to continue targeting these unsafe structures by targeting the amount of 100% matching funds available for Demo's through Stark County's grant program.

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